Aug 7, 2015

At Rima's

A happy family is but an earlier heaven...

Spending some time with Rima and family.  Like I have always said,
"anytime I can spend time with family is a happy time for me."

From her home we see gorgeous sunrises and on the other side beautiful sunsets.
Going to Rima's also means seeing her two doggies.  Marley the black Labrador and 
Dexter the Pomeranian.  From little Dexy, as we call him has stolen my heart.  Will be
spending lots of time with them and the mopes.  Lilly is already keeping me busy.  Happy.

Summertime at Rima's toasted marshmallows.  Lots of Hammock time, good foodies,
and best of all lots of quality time with all of them.  I'm having a very good time.

I feel very fortunate to be able to spend time with family.  Was in Norway for almost
 a month.  We had some good times.  Now I look forward to some more good times.
All I know is that we will be enjoying lots and lots together.  Family = LOVE.

Love is that condition in which the happiness of 
another person is essential to your own...