Aug 30, 2015


Bad weather always looks worse through a window...

Though the day started pretty OK yesterday, it did not last long.  The rain came in buckets. 
 If you know Florida you know it rains like crazy for about 5-10 minutes.  It then takes a 
short break and then does the same again.  It did that continuously throughout the day.

I went into Publix to get a few things I needed for lunch for Liliana and I.  The sun
was not shining, but it was not raining as yet.  I was there for less than 20 minutes.  When 
I came out with my groceries the sky was black and the rain just kept pelting down.

Luckily I had an umbrella.  I bagged my handbag in a plastic bag, took my shoes off
and hightailed it to the car in the pouring rain.  The umbrella kept me fairly dry, but 
sadly it is no longer any good.  The wind blew it apart.  That's me in the car with
 just a little bit of wet clothing.  At least my phone was dry as was my handbag
 and everything in it.  Did not matter that I took a soaking.  Still happy.

Yesterday I treated myself to Indian food.  I was lucky to go there at the exact time
the buffet was going on.  Delicious and I got to try all of my favorite dishes.

Arvid does not really care for this food.  Too spicy he says.  I can't eat it everyday either,
but once in a while it sure hits the spot.  Who know I may go back before heading to Chicago.

The days are so quiet when you are alone.  Today I will just relax and enjoy Liliana's
company.  Have not seen her since we left for Norway.  Will be nice to catch up and have 
some girl talk.  Made lunch for us at home and hopefully taking her out during the week.
She says she has never been to Kaluz.  Maybe that will be where we go if the weather permits.

The wind is howling outside.  Brutus was laying really close to me last night as you can
see from the above picture.  He was just being too adorable.  As if he weren't that already.

Happy Sunday everyone.  Here it is going to be a very windy and wet one.
Indoors it is and what better than the company of a good friend?

Bad weather?  Good wine...