Sep 11, 2015

Friday In Chicago...

But when I go to Chicago, I know I'm home...

Watching the news last night, Arvid said to me, "there is so much going on in this city. 
 It's unbelievable."  This is so true.  There is a 17 day musical festival in various
parts of the city.  We are sure to find some of it and enjoy listening.

Yesterday we went to the Farmers Market.  Every Thursday we do this. We get 
bread for Arvid and for me a few things to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Absolutely delicious. 

As always there was music full blast at the Farmers Market.  Makes you want to stop 
whatever you are doing, take a seat and just stay put enjoying it all.  Many of the workers 
from nearby businesses do just that in thier lunch hour.  There are tables set out so you
 can either bring your own food or you can buy from some of the vendors.  Either 
way it is quite relaxing to just sit and for a few minutes, hours get lost in all 
that this wonderful city offers.  Arvid and I sure are making the most of it.

We do lots of walking here.  Not having a car for a few months is OK.  I see it
as a way of getting lots of exercise.  The best part is that our walks takes us through the 
park with its amazing scenery.  Of course all over in the park there is music all day long.

Fridays in Chicago means music and more music.  Our favorite hangouts are
House of Blues.  The food is great and so are the drinks and of course the music.

We also love going to Buddy Guys Legends.  Both places are withing 
walking distance from us.  Most likely tonight we will be heading out to one of them.

Happy Friday all.  Today marks 14 years since the bombing of NYC Twin Towers.
Sept. 11, 2001, brought Americans closer, however briefly, as many looked to one another
 for strength, courage and comfort.  Some gave a lot.  Others gave it ALL.

It's Friday.  Let's rock...