Sep 28, 2015

Monday Again...

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great...

Monday and the temperatures here in Chicago are cooling down.  Sign that
we will soon be heading back to warmer temperatures in Florida.  Not so bad after all.

Today we have many little chores to do so will be another busy day going from place to 
place.  Can say that we thrive on movement.  This week we will be hopefully visiting some 
of of favorite spots for the last time for this summer.  Time flies when you're having fun.

One of our favorite restaurants here in Chicago is the Chinese Friendship Restaurant.
Arvid of course calls it "Glenns" and that's how we refer to it always.  Glenn was the
 name of the first waiter we met there many years ago when we first discovered this place.  

At that time we had no clue what it was called.  Yesterday we had lunch there.  Was not the 
sunniest of days, but as always the food was good and the temperature was just right.
This restaurant will soon close it's doors for the winter.  Maybe two more
 weekends weather permitting and then reopen once again next year.

 We of course will be there next summer.  We have been to this restaurant more than
any other this summer.  We have made friends with the musicians and with a few
 other people we see there all the time.  I casually said to Arvid, "seems like this
year in Chicago we have made more friends than the usual.  How cool is that?"

 His response was, "True, but thank God this is a big city and we don't have to see them or
run into them all day long."  Sums Arvid up.  He likes friends and people around, but
 at a distance. I think we are both the same.  We enjoy the company of friends and family,
but we also like to see them leave.  Too much closeness is the recipe for trouble.

Start everyday with new a hope.  Leave bad memories
 behind and have faith for a better tomorrow...