Sep 15, 2015

Not The Usual...

Being different isn't a bad thing.  
It means you're brave enough to be yourself...

Our lifestyle is not the so called "conventional" one.  Whatever conventional means today 
I'm not sure, but Arvid and I sure do things differently.  Arvid loves to trade.  He has 
been trading since he was a little boy and today it is a major factor to our livelihood. 
 He is a member of several trade groups both locally and nationally.

No matter what state or what country we are in there is always opportunities for him to 
trade.  He lives for it and nothing makes him happier than doing a trade.  It is not
 a typical way to make a living, but with Arvid everything is possible and he 
somehow has been very successful in his trades.  Never boring.

His trades take us everywhere.  I love that because we get to see places.  Yesterday
we went to check out a building here in Illinois.  Most times the trade may not work out,
but that is part of the fun for us.  We like the unplanned.  The unexpected.  Arvid more than I.

Soon we will be heading to Las Vegas where there is going to be a National Trade meeting.
A few years ago I would have said that Las Vegas was not my favorite place, but after
 last year I have to say that I really enjoy going there.  While Arvid is in the meetings,
I get to wander off all on my own.  Love it and  see and do all the things I like.

 In the evenings we meet for dinner and we also do a little personal property trading
together with the rest of the gang.  Very interesting these encounters.

Different is always good.  Makes life more interesting as far as we are concerned.
At times it gets hectic and downright exhausting, but we won't change it for  any other.

Good morning all.  Today is laundry day.  Already started and who knows what
else the day will hold.  The weather is beautiful and definitely a day for a walk in the park.

Being called different is like being called a Limited Edition.
Meaning you're something people don't see that often.  Remember that!...