Jun 14, 2017

Back To Reality ~

Love the life you have while you create the life of your dreams.
Vacation is over.  Back to reality...

Back home.  Back to Arvid and Sniff.  I can see the strain already lifting 
away from Arvid.  Definitely not easy running two hotels all by yourself.  
I had a good time with my family, but unfortunately mom and dad 
could not make it.  They were halfway to Vermont when they 
received a call that my dad's brother-in-law just died.  

My dad is the eldest brother.  No question at all.  They just had to
 turn around and go back to North Carolina then drive to Florida. 
 They have had some very rough days.  We missed them very much.  Was 
very disappointed they could not make it to Vermont, but 
at the end it was the right thing to do.

Back at work everyone was very happy to see me, and me them 
of course.  Between Arvid and Tony everything was under control
at my hotel.  Few things to take care of, but I am handling it. 

 It was really difficult though for Arvid to run between his hotel and mine.  
I was stressed a lot while in Vermont.  Even so, I had a great time. Managed
 to "forget" for a little about all the responsibilities back in Branson.  Not easy 
going away when you have a business to run.  Always something happening.

Sniff and Arvid sure missed me.  Every time Arvid is away fro me or I am not 
there with him he gets all these bright ideas.  I think I manage better alone
 than he does.  Does not mean I like it, but I think I handle it better. 

Arvid said to me, "I have no clothes to wear."  "There are no more bananas"
 and some other stuff.  One of the tomato trees died because it was not
 watered.  I asked him why didn't he give it some water and he said,
 "I run hotels.  I'm not the tomato tree caretaker."  

At least Sniff was well cared for, and of course Arvid changed some 
of Sniff's eating habits.  All good.  I managed to get him all the things he
 needed, my fruit for the week and yes all his laundry is now clean.

Temperatures soaring in Branson.  Like Vermont we were in the mid 90's.
  Flying to Branson I had a stop in Chicago.  We miss the city very much. 
 It was extra special seeing my nieces and nephews.  They are all grown up. 

 Danielle got back home late Monday and on Tuesday she left on a road
 trip to California with her girlfriend.  She knows how to live and she
 plans to see the world.  Reshma will also be doing a road trip, 
unfortunately for her, her parents did not approve of her road trip
 to California.  I'm glad for that.  Maybe next year.

Good to be home.  Been a busy Tuesday.  Lots of little things to
 do and of course I had to find where all my stuff was.  Arvid 
"organized" my space.  I have already "re-organized" it.

My heart is very saddened by the death of one of my dear friends father.
We may be far away, but you are in my thoughts and in my prayers PK.

Happy Wednesday to all.  Enjoy, and remember what you
 take for granted some one else is praying for.

You only get one life. 
 It is your duty to live it as fully as possible...