Jun 9, 2017

Reshma... A New Chapter Begins ~

And suddenly you just know, it's time to start 
something new and trust the magic of beginnings...

Gone are the days of childhood and innocence.  A new chapter begins in yet
 another of my niece's life.  High school days are over and college days soon begin.
  Time sure is flying by too fast.  I still can picture Reshma as a baby. 

 Crawling around her home in New York telling me all about Tiger Woods
 and Emeril.  Long time ago, but the images will forever be a part of me and my 
memories I store of her.  My nieces and nephews are growing up too fast.

One of the things I promised myself was that I would attend every high school
 graduation of each niece and nephew.  Arvid has always gone with me on
 these occasions, unfortunately because we can not travel together anymore,
 due to someone having to be in Branson, he could not come with me.

Reshma is special and super smart.  Same as my other nieces and nephews.  Her
 future is an open book right now, and I know she will definitely fill up 
the pages as fast as possible.  She has a curiosity that does not quit.  
Like all the others whatever she chooses to do, she will do well.

Little Reshma is all grown up.  Soon to venture out into the world of 
adulthood.  Reshma, just know that I am always here for any and everything.

 Same goes out to all my nieces and nephews.  Whatever you need, I'm here.
  I love yo all more than you know.  Life is not an easy road, but having the support of 
a loving family makes everything better.  That you all have.  From all of us.  ALWAYS!!!

Here is to new beginnings...