Jun 21, 2017

Happy Wednesday Amigos~

May you find moments that make you smile today...

My perfect start in the mornings.  Waking up next to Arvid and Sniff tucked
 very close between us.  Since I went to Vermont, Sniff is now huddled
 up next to Arvid.  Sniff like Arvid, loves to sleep.  

Both can stay in bed for another hour or so after I wake up.  Sniff 
usually wants his foodies so against his will he will sneak out 
of bed.  Eat then go straight back to bed next to Arvid.

A good breakfast is Arvid's way of facing what the day holds and for me 
a good start is always my cafe.  Everyone is happy.  Makes for good times.

Not sure what the day holds as yet, but we are prepared and ready to face it.

Happy Wednesday to all.  Arvid is a believer that all sorrows 
are less with bread.  Yeah.  He is a funny man.

Part of me is thinking, "Wow.  It's Wednesday already, 
and the other part is thinking"What do you mean it's only Wednesday"?