Mar 25, 2020

March 25th ~ Isolation Continues

Now it’s our time. We must sacrifice 
together, because we are all in this together,
 and we will come through together...

There is almost no traffic on the streets. The water 
trolley we use to get across from our side of the river
 to the other is still running, only difference is that
 there is never anyone in it.  The captain on 
the water trolley also wears a mask.

People today are spending more time with themselves and
 nature.  From our balcony and our walks we see doggies getting
 extra long walks many times a day.  People are riding their
 bicycles and getting more in touch with what's around them. 
 Something good is taking place during this terrible time.

Some things have not changed.  Arvid is consistent no 
matter what.  When we go for walks he would still stop 
and stare at all the different construction going on.

  Does not matter if we just saw it the day before. 
 Everyday he sees something different.  Yesterday, he 
was checking out the windows that are being put in, 
and he was also wondering why heavens the garage
 will be facing the water and not the actual units. 
Yes, there is still lots to discover together.

Though we are all living this "nightmare" of the 
coronavirus, some have it a little tougher than others. 
 We here in Florida have warm climate, the boats 
are still out on the water as of right now. People are 
still sunbathing, in their boats.  My sister in 
Vermont had a snowstorm yesterday.  

Every restaurant you walk by has a sign saying
 takeout and delivery only.  Businesses are hurting.
  People are hurting. This virus sure is changing our lives.

My thoughts are in Branson and that's causing me some 
sleepless nights. I can't stop thinking about everyone at 
Almost Home. Because we lived there, and because we know 
the situation everyone is facing that makes it too real for me.

I have ordered toilet paper online at a ridiculous price 
for some tenants in need.  I have supplied cat food for 
months to one of the older tenants there.  Can't have Bridgette
pictured below, my favorite cat at Almost Home starving. 

Yesterday I asked Arvid what can we do to help out.
I worry about the people there, because I know life 
is not easy.  I know there are many others going through
 the same and probably worse,  but I happen to know
 the ones at Almost Home, and I care for them.

As we enjoy our mornings on the balcony, 
Brutus is never far from our thoughts and our hearts. 
 I miss that little dude a lot.  He took some of my 💓
We have been fortunate to have had Brutus, Shadow 
and now we have Sniff.  What are you grateful for?

If we don't feel grateful for what we already have. 
What makes us think we will be happy with more?...