Mar 14, 2020

Saturday ~

Panic implies that there is no rational thought taking place...

There is a lot of everyone's mind these days.  Yes, 
the Coronavirus.  The media has gotten most into a state 
of total panic.  Lets just say the shelves in all grocery stores
 here in Fort Lauderdale, that we have been to, and 
we have been to quite a few are EMPTY.

Not sure what the deal is about the toilet paper, 
but there is none to be found.  Forget cleaning supplies. 
 Depending on the store you may still be able to
 get some cleaning supplies if  you are lucky.

Arvid and I are enjoying more time in the mornings
 on the balcony.  Life here is relaxed, but it does get a 
little tiresome to not be on the move as much. 

We did go out a little yesterday.  It was Friday after all,
 and we are still alive and life is good.  Glad for that.

Not saying we are not going through some scary 
times right now with this Coronavirus, but at the same 
time logic and common sense should also kick in.

Hysteria is impossible without an audience.
 Panicking by yourself is the same as laughing alone
 in an empty room. You feel really silly...