Mar 21, 2020

How We Spend Our days ~

Every day is not a success. Every year is not
 a success. You have to celebrate the good...

Long leisure walks.  Take time to 
always stop and enjoy the sights.

Make new friends.  Always a pleasant part of our walks.

Sniff is a little confused at times, but handling it 
like the champ he is.  He sees boxes and boxes of Chewy 
coming in and gets happy.  Another box to play with.

 Enjoying the sights, always something good to see.

The boats everywhere keep us entertained.

But the best part of our days are now spent on the 
balcony where the views are unbeatable.  If one has
 to be quarantined, then not a bad place to be.

To all stay safe.  Stay home and be calm.
Though Arvid is more "scared" than I am, he 
sure knows how to relax better than I do.

The biggest adventure you can take
 is to live the life of your dreams...