Sep 10, 2021

Friday Feels ~

 Hay veces que en la vida perdemos la esperanzaa 
veces es, reír,también llorarvivir es una carta por jugar 
naufraga nuestra barca y nuestro amor.  Vivir a veces
es reir, tambien llorar, vivir es una carta por jugar...

The kitties that remain still trust me.  Even after 
I spent hours and hours trying to trap them so that they can
 be adopted.  MacGyver was the most difficult one to trap.
  I have tons of scars to prove it.  MacGyver, Marbles
 and Spitfire were at one time adopted, but returned.  

MacGyver still comes to me all the time as does 
Marbles and Spitfire.  They hold no grudges towards me 
and they trust me.  I love them all.  Slowly the cats are 
"disappearing".  I never know which kitty would
 no longer greet me in the mornings.  

I have a very bad feeling that something has happened
 to Milo also.  He has not been seen for over a week,  and 
recently Milo has never been missing out on foodies in
 the mornings.  Everyday I am a little more broken 😿.

It's the start of the weekend. Hot! Hot! Hot weather in our prognosis.
Would really love a little touch of cooler temperatures for a change.

Sniff is cool as a cucumber.  Not a worry in the world 💙

Vivir a veces es, perder, también ganar
vivir es un mañana que esperar.