Sep 28, 2021

🌴 Tuesday September 28th~

 Once you do know what the question actually is,
 you’ll know what the answer means...

Yesterday as we were watching TV I got a few texts 
from previous tenants in Branson.  It made me smile and 
brought back beautiful memories of  a very good time in 
my life.  I'm still smiling and now of course looking
 at pictures that capture that time in our lives.

I loved every moment in Branson; well just about
every moment. I even enjoyed the snow. I will never
 forget the first snow in Branson. I was happy.

Right now I can definitely do with some cooler temperatures,
 at least that's what I tell myself. The heat is getting to me.  It’s 
maybe a tad bit better than being in Fort Lauderdale, but not
 that much. It's true sometimes we want what we don't have 
until we have it and realize what we had was the real thing. 

Recently with the rain, it has been a little cooler, but still
 nothing to brag about.  Yesterday we went for a walk, but by
 the time we got home I was soaking wet🤨.  Even so it 
was a very good walk.  We are fortunate everyday.

Aside from the heat, all is good here. Sniff is relaxed
 as can be, the fur he was losing on his back is growing in.
  Guessing his stress level is less.  According to Arvid
 if I’m stressed so is Sniff. A little of that is true.

  Truth though is I think Sniff ate some of the dry food 
intended for the outdoor kitties and developed an allergy.
  As soon as I realized that, I never let him even have a taste
 of it.  Seems that’s the reason he was losing his fur.

Not much planned for the day 🤐 just to stay cool
 and do some cleaning  it’s laundry day 🤭 Many of our
 regular TV shows have begun.  The nights are packed. 

 It’s a good good thing I didn’t have to get up very
 early today 😅 even though I was awake way before 5am. To all a 
good day, stay warm and enjoy this beautiful fall season 🍁🍂

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know...