Sep 21, 2021

Tuesday September 21st ~

 Relax no one else knows what they are doing either....

My alarm is always set for 5:20 am; which is the time
 I would get up, get ready and go feed the cats.  Instead, I’m
 awake by 4:45 am to turn the alarm before it goes off.

As mentioned before, I go feeding them every 
other day, even though I want to do it daily.  I keep 
reminding myself and Arvid keeps remind me that they 
(the kitties) need to find and hunt for their foodies.

I got back form NC and that same evening I went 
out looking for them. I was not sure what to expect.  

That first evening back I just saw 4 of the 10 remaining
 kitties. They looked fine.  Mama was very hungry. When
 I was in NC Arvid called me desperately one day after 
his afternoon walk asking where I kept the cat foodies.

  He said, “I saw Mama and she was crying.  She was 
rubbing up against my legs.  I think she’s hungry.”
  Needless to say, he came back up, got the foodies, went 
back down and left foodies for her.  He also told me he 
left foodies for Senior.  Yes.  Arvid knows the names of 
most of the kitties🐈.  Even if he can't tell at times
 which is which among a few that look alike.

We’ve been having some wet weather here.  We went
 walking yesterday, but in less than 10 minutes into our
 walk we had to leave.  The rain came pouring down, but 
even so I did leave Chiquita (another stray kitty by the beach) 
some foodies. She had a little tunnel and there I have left her
 a bowl for food and water a while back. Was still there 😍

Sniff and Arvid had a good time together.  Arvid of
 course gave Sniff very specific routines.  Didn’t seem 
to be bad at all.  They are both happy and fine tuned. For now.

It is always good to see my parents.  Always the
 best time.  Relaxing and peaceful.  To make the stay
 even better Gabsy surprised us for a visit.

I was in heaven seeing him.  I love all all my
 nieces and nephews. Each bring into my life 
so much happiness. Having Gabsy and KimSy 
together was a happy time. I adore them all.

We mainly stayed in.  Had lots of good food,
 watched many movies together. Laughed and chatted. 
We managed to go to a favorite Japanese restaurant of my
 parents and for breakfast out another morning.

It was exactly what my soul and my heart needed.  
A few days to just destress.  I keep reminding myself that
 I can only do so much 🤨 only time will tell if that works.

I wish I lived closer to my parents.  I would love 
to see them more often.  Time is going by too 
fast and none of us is getting any younger.

In the meantime, I am grateful for every opportunity I have 
to see them and the rest of my family.  Kimsy is always
 such a pleasure to be around.  Arvid always says that Kimsy
 is one of the most calm and collected persons he knows. 

 Kimsy and Danielle are very easy going.  This time
 I also noticed that Gabsy is the same.  He spent lots of 
time playing his guitar for us.  Was very soothing. 

Arvid likes calm people.  When around people who 
yak non stop he’s not too happy, on the other hand 
most people tend to be that way ☺️.  I love to "Yak"

The sun is out and the day is looking to be beautiful.
  Just a little shower here and there, but after all we do live
 in an island.  And what a beautiful island it is.

Take a deep breath and just enjoy your life...