Nov 12, 2021

Beach Times 🌴 ~

 May you always have shells in 
your pockets and sand in your toes...

The beach is going to be pretty packed this weekend. 
 During the week there was almost no one there.  Rare
 sight, but that's how it is, soon it will change 🌴.

We've been to the beach a few times, but most afternoons the 
weather has been bad so our time so far has been limited.  Hopefully
it will get better.  Mornings have not been too great as yet to 
walk out and get the sunrise, but I will keep trying 😍.

Walks by the beach are always calming.  No matter
 where the beach is, that feeling of peacefulness is there.
  The fact that there has not been too many (hardly any)
 people on the beach was also nice for a change.

Coming up this weekend.  Tortuga Music Festival in 
Ft Lauderdale, FL is 3 big days of country music, beachin', 
and marine conservation November 12-14, 2021.

I don't think Arvid and I will be going to the festival, but 
hopefully we will go to the beach a little.  The music will 
be loud enough for us to hear 🎝 and that should be nice.

Everyday I tell myself I am happy to be back home,
 and yes I am.  But a part of me remains in Puerto Rico.
  Missing my sister and my PR kitties.  Every morning I 
look at the time and I can picture them waiting for me

Only time can heal what reason cannot πŸ™ ...