Nov 10, 2021

Getting Back Into The Rhythm ~

 When you dance to your own rhythm, 
life taps its toes to your beat...

And just like that, Sniff is all settled in once again.  
As long as we are with him Sniff is a happy boy.  He has 
what he needs and he is always showered with love.  

A little exploring of his surroundings, but otherwise
 happy as can be.  All his familiar things are with him.
Even the "mess" of customers boxes makes him happy.

Good morning everyone.  Waking up to a 
beautiful morning.  No rain so far, but it's coming. 
 Alone with my thoughts, and they take me to to my
 PR kitties.  I really miss and worry about them.

The more you practice following your own rhythm,
 the more rhythmic your life will become and the 
more your dance with life with be in sync...