Aug 27, 2011

New York Weekend...

 Each man reads his own meaning into New York...

boat trip
 Back from NY and boy what an experience.  The city is chaotic...which I love at least for visit.  The city sure is not one of the cleanest places I have been to, but as someone said "clean gets boring"  The life there never stops.  It is constant move and a constant living experience.  If you ever have the opportunity do visit!

That being said, I have to say that my impression of NYC was one of awe, wonder and fascination for a lifestyle where not everyone fits in.  I feel right at home there because I believe I was meant to be living in big cities.  Arvid on the other hand,....hmmmm.  He is the type who likes more of the "quiet"  lifestyle.  He does not care for the commotion, the people all around and the constant city buzz....  Not to say he did not like it it's just that he is more of a just him and I lifestyle.

We crammed so much into that short 3 days that even I after a while was a bit tired, but not ready to give up.  As I said to Arvid we came to NY not to sit and relax in a pub, but to walk, walk and to go as many places and try as many different restaurants as possible.  Even so, we did find us a few pubs and blues music.
We did 5th Ave and exhausted ourselves, we made a stop to one of my favorite stores
Tiffany & Co. NYC  a store that I have a few items from.  Brought back great memories and times of me shopping there when I lived in NY.  Of course we had to make a special stop to Trump Tower and check out the bar there.

There is just so much too do in the city and I think we have been very lucky to have done just about everything I had in mind, Chelsea Pier for a boat trip, The Village for dinner, music and pubbing, FAO Schwartz a favorite of mine.  Macy's the largest store in the world.  Walks around the parks, great food.  I ate at so many different restaurants that I believe I have gained an extra 10lbs:(, but so well worth it.  Arvid cannot eat as much as I can so he would just nibble and do drinks.  I don't care for alcohol so we make the perfect couple.  We also "visited" quite a few bars in the city.  While Arvid was having drinks I was always enjoying my cappuccino's. 

 Did Arvid enjoy the city as much as I did?  Not sure, as mentioned he likes more of the quiet vacations.  I love those also, but when going to NY one knows you are not going there for the beaches and quiet time.  You are going for the excitement of being in the best city of the world and to experience life at the ultimate high!!  Would I do it again?  In a flash!  I thought Chicago was expensive until we got to NY.  Then it all came back to me again...but as I always say to Arvid "always take extra money when we go out"  So far he has not failed to do so....

Glad to be back home in Chicgo and with Brutus...still have a little over a mont here and still so much to do here.  Now it's time to enjoy the city.  As Arvid said there is so much good music going on here in September so no need to go elsewhere.  I'm HAPPY!

As for New York City, it is a place apart. There is not its match in any other country in the world.....