May 17, 2012

6 Years Old Today...

Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this...  Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later...

The day Brutus came into our lives was just magical.  Here was this cute little kitty looking all scared with his eyes barely open not sure what was happening, but trusting us all the same to take care of him and to protect.

We adopted him from the shelter. We had 5 kitties to choose from and as soon as Brutus entered the room he choose us to be his new mom and dad.  Arvid was immediately fascinated by this little creature who was all over him.  Brutus circled  around him, and at that moment both Arvid and I said, "he's the one."

I choose him or rather he choose us.  On that day we did the "adoption" paperwork, but we were not allowed to bring him home.  We had to wait until the next day to go and get him.  Bummer, but in the meantime we went on a shopping spree.

We bought everything we could think Brutus would need.  I had more experience, since I have had kitties before this was all new territory for Arvid.  He was happy because I was happy.  I always wanted another kitty and the day Arvid said yes was one of the happiest moments in my life.

All Arvid was concerned about was that Brutus had to be "contained" in one section of the apartment.  At the time we were living at The Grand and we had a very big laundry room.  This was to be Brutus' room.  I agreed, because all I wanted was a kitty, even though I knew that Arvid's rules would never last once Brutus came to live with us.  


I knew I was about to override each and every rule little by little with the help of Brutus and we did by day two and it has not stopped although Arvid thinks that he still has the upper hand.

Brutus' "training" as Arvid called it began on his first night with us.  He stayed in his room.  We stayed with him.  He cried so much it broke our hearts.  The neighbours from that day on called him the baby and to this day refer to him as the baby. 

Like clock work, Arvid went to Brutus' by 11pm.  There he would use a treat to get Brutus to jump on his bed and then he would sing for him for about 15 minutes.  This routine has not changed since then, no matter where we are.  The both love it.

Day two I told Arvid that we should let Brutus in the other parts of the apartment "with our supervision" of course.  He agreed and from then on Brutus roamed all over the apartment.  Now Brutus is boss and does whatever he pleases.  At nights he always slept in his own room, but now he sleeps with us on our bed or on his bed which is also in our bedroom.

6 years today

We both look back and we always agree that the best thing we did was to bring Brutus into our lives.  He has changed us.  Because of Brutus we are both better people.  More patient, more tolerant and Arvid has learnt to slow down and to enjoy the little tings in life.  Some of his best times are those spent with Brutus.  Just watching them together I see love.It is not often I hear Arvid say, "I love you" to anyone other than me.  Now I hear him saying, "I love you" quite often to Brutus.  If you know Arvid that is a very HUGE change.

We cannot imagine a life without Brutus.  he is our baby and we are truly happy he choose us to be his mom and dad.  Today he is six years old and we look forward to many, many years with him.We love you Brutus.  I wish to always have Brutus in our lives, he makes everything better. With those big eyes and we are sold:)

Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose..
A meow massages the heart...
There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat..
  A cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution...