May 14, 2012

Awesome Monday....

Sometimes you pick your friends, sometimes they pick you...
Rules should always be bent, if not broken. It's the only way to have any fun...

Normally Mondays are just regular.  Nothing overly dramatic or very different than most Mondays, but today was different.  It has been a awesome Monday.  The day started with Brutus and Arvid having their usual standoff at exactly 6:24 am.  Brutus decides its time for us to wake up and get out of bed and take care of his needs.  As he does everyday, Brutus makes as much noise as he can and as usual Arvid sits up in the bed all groggy from sleep saying, "for god sakes it's not even 7 as yet." Get out and come back around 7:30."  This is everyday without fail.  Normally Brutus "listens" today he did not feel like it.  What does Arvid do?  He sits up in the bed and there is a stare contest between him and Brutus.  This for a good 10 minutes.  I then decide to get up and go outside with Brutus just to keep him quiet.  This is everyday.

By eight I have a little workout.  Just 45 minutes of cardio and trust me I'm beat, but afterwards I always feel good and I do enjoy the feeling of doing something for me.  Since Arvid was going to be gone most of the day, I decided to invite my friend Liliana over for lunch.  

Liliana arrives with a bottle of wine and makes herself comfy.  She finds the wine glass, opens the wine, finds the ice and before I know it she's sipping on white wine and me on orange juice.  I don't like wine.  For lunch I make tons of food.  I love cooking and Liliana is a pleasure to cook for.  She will eat everything and whatever is leftover I always give to her.  Today she has food for a week as she puts it.  Makes me happy.  I even had a five minute conversation with Arvid's brother giving us some business tips.

After lunch we decided to go and check out a Latin grocery store we heard so much about.  The weather was not being cooperative, but rain or no rain we were having a great time.  We got to the store and right away we were a bit concerned for our safety.  Being brave, we went in anyway.   Not sure what the hype was about the store because as both Liliana and I said, "our first and last time here."  We still had fun.

We made a stop to Walmart for a few things we did not need, but what the heck, Walmart was on our way and you find everything there.  After buying stuff we did not need we decided to go to the mall and try our luck there as well.

Macy's was the first stop.  Shoes always shoes.  From there it was straight to The Coach Store.  Handbags were next on my list and yes, a pretty handbag found itself in my possession.  Thank you Arvid even though you don't know as yet.  I love it!

After a few more purchases we were tired and started heading out.  Well not so fast.  Our attention was caught by Teavana.  Yes we were in tea heaven.  Well this being Liliana and I and we both enjoy tea and everyone knows that Teavana has some very delicious blends of tea.  After lots of sampling and exclamations at the prices we both settled on one we liked.  Today I decided to try the Strawberry Lemonade with Blueberry Bliss.  Just the most awesome flavor.  

perfect day:)
So after paying quite a bit for a very small amount of tea leaves we were happy.  Felt like we had just accomplished something.  Now I just hope that I will make my tea and hopefully it will taste as good as when sampled.  I even bought some specialty sugar  for the tea just to get the exact flavor.   

Any day with Liliana always turns out to be exciting because one never knows what she will say.  She is truly a wonderful person.  My parents and my sisters have all met her and even some of our friend from Norway and she never ceases to make everyone laugh...

Now time to relax, read a little and watch some TV.
Have a good day all!

Fun. Its this crazy thing where people smile and laugh and are generally pleased. I could have sworn I saw you smile at least once.....