Feb 6, 2013


The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend...

Liliana is one of my best friends. 
 She's from Argentina and when we speak it is half English and half Spanish, 
but always fun, interesting and very entertaining.
As I have always mentioned, she is a character and and time spent with her is always a good time.

She was here for lunch with Arvid and I yesterday.
She arrived and the first thing we did was go to the vets office.
Yes, I wanted her to know where the vet
 is in case she needs to take Brutus there when we are not home.
We have a few trips scheduled and our first concern is always
that Brutus is well cared for.  No one better than Liliana.

Liliana has been Brutus' pet sitter from the start.
When we got Brutus, we had already planned a trip to Tennessee (2006).
Brutus was only a week with us before we left him in her care and from that day on we never
looked back.
In Florida she is the only person we really
trust to take care of him.  She comes and goes as she pleases in our home and can do whatever she likes.
In Chicago, Hylda is the only one also for him.  

For lunch I made a variety of dishes.  Most were for her to take back home.

We had quite a few hours of  fun and just talking away about all the people in our lives...both hers and mine.
Was a day well spent.  Did some people bashing (all in fun) and we got off our chest all the things that annoy us about certain people.  This as you may imagine took quite a long time.

Poor Arvid was just sitting there listening to this without saying much.
He is always amazed at Liliana at at her vocabulary.. graphic and colorful to say the least.
After she was gone, i grabbed Arvid and we went grocery shopping in preparation for his brother and Siv's visit. Can't believe they will be here later on today.  Nothing much planned.
Maybe if they are up to it a little trip out to Aruba's and some dinner.
Yes, we are looking forward to them being here soon!

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart