Feb 2, 2013

Smile Be Happy...It's A New day

When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully...
Today's a new day. Its your day. You shape it. 
Don't let it be shaped by someone else's ignorance or fear..

Today I woke up to a beautiful sunrise.

Yesterday I was downtown Fort Lauderdale, walking around our old neighborhood.  I really enjoyed the time we lived in the Las Olas area, but I also really love where we live now.  Still it was nice to have the afternoon to myself, do a few chores and at the same time have some me time.

On the way to a haircut, I went to our Broker's Real Estate Office caught up with the news, got our mail and re acquainted myself with some of the newer people.  We almost never go to the office.  We work from home and prefer it that way, but occasionally we check for mail and also just go and say hi to everyone.  

After that I had a few hours to just browse around.  Enjoy a little cafe outdoors and a little nibble at one of the few new restaurants that have opened up. 

Yes, my friend Liliana lives there and we met for desert at the Cheesecake Factory a favorite of ours.  When we lived on Las Olas, I would treat her to lunch regularly and we would enjoy big cappuccinos and the occasional Malibu Colada at The Cheesecake Factory.  What I miss sometimes is Liliana and her humor.  She will be visiting Brutus, Arvid and I next week so looking forward to that and am already planning the menu.

I love to cook and both Liliana and I enjoy food so I normally make tons of stuff and send them home with her.  She never cooks... sad.

After a nice lunch and good conversation, it was time for a haircut.
I was greeted with a mimosa.  Sadly I had to decline because I was driving.

I look at it now and wish I had accepted it.  Oh well next time.
Today is beautiful.  Cool breeze and beautiful sunshine.  This is the Florida I really like.
Not too hot not too cold, just perfect.

Quiet day today.  Not much planned.  Maybe a drive with Arvid to the mall and to show him the new happenings on Las Olas.  Lunch out and a visit to Pet Smart for a few things for Brutus.

Life is good and everyday they are both doing better.

have a good day!
February started on a positive vibe.
Soon company starts to arrive.  First to arrive is Arvid's brother.
I see the excitement in Arvid.  Constantly calling his brother asking this that just making sure they are ready
and to let them know we are also waiting.

We will be picking them up and we are looking forward to being their tour guide and private chauffeur.
Well have a few things to do so for now, have a great day and always focus on the positive in life!

Having a bad day? Hold your hand over your heart; Feel that? That beating? That's called purpose. You're alive for a reason.