Feb 17, 2013

Relaxing Sunday

The best moments are the ones you try to explain but in the end... you just say
"you had to be there"

Sunday, as usual a very relaxing day and today was no exception.  Early morning calls to family then it was time to visit and spend some time with friends that just came from Norway.  Today I got to see Madeline again and as she came out of the car she ran straight into my arms and gave me  a huge hug.  Reminded me of my nieces, especially Lilly Vade.  Madeline is six and Lilly Vade is five, but when they hug they sure squeeze the life out of you.  Yes, I loved every second.

Madeline is from Norway and when she wants something she will speak English.  I love it!  Arvid also loves little kids and he and Madeline laughed for a good half hour non-stop.  Then she wanted to show me her games and together we had some more fun times.  As you can see she also had her very first mani-pedicure.   Like my niece Lilly Vade, Madeline is a bundle of energy.
It was very good to see them and spend a few hours together.  Looking forward to seeing them some more while they are here.

After that it was to see another friend and his family.  Together we will all be going to Eleuthera. We will all be staying in the same beach house (separate units of course).  Looking forward to that. Met the wife and the two daughters.  Very nice family so should be fun showing them around and spending time together.  It has been quite a shock for them coming from Norway hoping to experience the warm Florida weather.  Surprise!!  When they landed in Norway it was in the 40'sF close to 8C this morning.  It will get warmer and in the island it is much warmer.  Good thing is that they are staying on the beach and their hotel ghas a great view.  They said the view made up for the cold.  Judge for yourself.

the view from the hotel lobby
After a good lunch Arvid, Brutus and I will be spending the rest of our Sunday at home.  Relaxing and getting ready to the Bahamas.  Brutus has seen the suitcases and is already looking sad.  He just does not like when we leave him alone:( 

Wishing you all a good day...

Every moment we share together is even better than the moment before. If every day is as good as today,then I cant wait until tomorrow comes..