Mar 23, 2013

Almost There...

Life is like a camera. Just focus on whats important, 
capture the good times, develop from the negative
 and if things don't turn out just take another shot...

For the next few days we will be in a tropical Paradise...Just a few pictures of our next stop.  
Looking forward to making more beautiful memories with Arvid.

Pretty soon it will be Arvid and I sitting on these two chairs.  Just steps away from where we are.

When we are tired sitting and enjoying the sun, we will just get up and stroll to the beach.  Just steps from us.

If the sun has us all tired and worn out, we will just sit and from the balcony watch the lights glow from the marina; or better yet why not walk to the marina and have a cold one:)

Just the thought of all this relaxation is making me drowsy. Good times ahead.  
 Soon there.  

Have a good day all:)

Some look forward to sporting events, some look forward to seasons changing, some look forward to holidays, and some look forward to their recreational time. I look forward to everything, but choose carefully to only look back at the good times, great memories, and all those wonderful moments we created with love in our hearts. ...