Mar 27, 2013

His Checklist

Our Brutus represents all that is best in man. In this case all that is best in Arvid.  Kindness, patience, love...tenderness

In preparation for most trips, I always make a list for whomever is going to pet sit Brutus.  He really has two sitters.  Liliana in Florida and Hylda in Chicago.  Both love him and he is just happy to see them also.

Brutus being the finicky cat he is (whose pet isn't), always has some kind of change be it in sleeping patterns, eating habits you name it, Brutus lives it.  His list goes something like this:

When it comes to drinking water he is really fussy.  We have tried everything and for a while it works after that it's any ones guess.  Sometimes I would have to put a little treat in the water just to make sure he drinks.  Yes, we spoil him too much.

Just the other day I bought him another drinking fountain.  This one ceramic.  Supposed to be great.  If judging from the price, then I have to say it must be super great.

Brutus is our baby.  We have enjoyed so much by just bringing him into our lives that anything we do for him is just little compared to all he had done and does to make our lives so complete.  Yes, hes only a cat to some.  To us he is the baby and our boysie.  Arvid said to me, "don't forget to tell Lilian that he is a little afraid of the noise the dumpster truck makes.  Tell me who has who trained?

We have now been away from him for almost 5 days and we are missing him really bad.  We see his shadow in every corner.  Loving the vacation, but missing Brutus a LOT!

In the meantime, we have made friends with a few local kitties.  Some live on golf carts:)
Brutus we love you for all that you are, all that you have been and for all you are yet to be:)

cats have it all, admiration, an endless sleep and company only when they want it...