Mar 13, 2013


What garlic is to salad, insanity is to art...

We all know that garlic does wonders.  If you had any doubts then just read the following and you will see what I mean.

There is a saying that goes like this, Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese; 
garlic makes it good."

On another note, Brutus is still going to the vet, and he is not happy.  His infection is still there.  It's has now been 7 days in a row with shots.  Today he was even madder than ever as you can see here.

Hopefully, everything is one day going to be OK for him.
Now he is back home and resting.

A nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat...