Mar 26, 2013

Interesting Times...

May you live in interesting times...

Another perfect day awaited us. We were on our way to Playa Del Carmen with a friend. He volunteered to be our tour guide and though we prefer to do our own touring, it turned out to be quite enjoyable and fun. He showed us a few "tucked" away places not easily visible.

Now Arvid and I have a better idea of where we want to go next time we head out and explore on our own. Playa del Carmen is one busy place. Crowd, shops, restaurants, name it they have it. I love it, love it and look forward to much more exploring.

We made a few little stops to sample the local flavor and for me it was well worth putting up with the heat. Arvid who has never eaten Mexican food found out that it is pretty enjoyable after all. So far no complaints, so this is a good sign. As for me, I am sampling a little of everything and also have not had any complaints. I even managed to get a coconut at one of our pit stops...
The people are friendly and always trying their best to make a sale. One guy said to Arvid, "Mr. Rich man, don't you want to buy something pretty for the seƱorita." Another man asked me if we would like to buy cigars, and I told him they don't smoke. His answer, "they smoke they just hide it from you." Referring to Arvid and our friend Ken.
A lot is sightseeing, pictures, good food and the best lemonade.  I even found time later on to have my hair braided and to pet a baby Jaguar.  All in all, we are having a very good time.  A little evening drink at our favorite place on the beach, was the perfect end of the day.

Today is another day and lots more to see and explore.

Wishing you all a good day:)

Some memories are realities,
 and are better than anything 
that can ever happen to one again...