Jul 18, 2014

Busy Friday...

Being busy is better than being bored.  Bored left a long time ago.
Busy is always around for me...

Was a awake very early today and my early morning errand took me cruising by the beach 
in Fort Lauderdale.  Extremely quiet at that time with hardly a soul in sight.

But what was out was an extremely beautiful and serene sight.  Makes me
wonder why we don't go more often to the beach to see the sunrises.

Already Friday again.  As of right now it is a beautiful morning.  The rain has not
yet set it.  Summertime in Florida is all about the rain.  Good to some extent until it
becomes annoying and a nuisance to me and I am sure to many others.  Especially the 
tourists visiting who have to spend their time indoors, but now when it
 comes to winter months  you can't beat the weather in Florida.  
You have to as with everything take the good with the not 
 so good, and the good sure makes up for the rest.

Two amazing contrasts, but at the same time both beautiful in their own ways.
Quite a few things to do today.  To add to my anxiety, Brutus has developed kitty acne.
Never heard of such a thing, but now I know quite a bit about it.  Right now the swelling 
under his chin is very tender and very painful to touch.  I discovered this accidentally two 
days ago as I was giving him his brushing.  When I brushed under his chin he screamed like 
I have never heard before.  After lots of reading, I am treating it at home and monitoring it. 
 Worst case it's the vet soon.  Arvid is also not better over two weeks as well with the flu and cough.

I have a busy day ahead of me so for now will wish you all a pleasant 
start of the weekend.  Friday..finally here, but for now I just have to work, work, work...

Happiness walks on busy feet...