Jul 3, 2014


We love the lazy days of summer...

For many summer is a time to take enjoy your summer vacation;
that is if you are a kid and have time off from school.

In my family summertime means the kids are always busy.
Kimsy for instance is is currently in Washington, DC doing an internship in Congress.

For them vacation means staying busy and the best thing is that they all enjoy what they
 are doing.  Reshma is at that age where she has to stay busy all day long or heaven
 help everyone  around her.  She stays busy with activities and with friends.
  I feel for her mom,  my sister because if Reshma is anything like me 
(and I know she is) she needs to be  occupied almost constantly. 
 On their way out the other day, she saw a piano just outside 
of a store and what does she do?  She of course
she starts to play; she  has been doing it from little.

My nephew Sachin loves soccer.  He finds anything to kick.
He just knows how to make the most of any situation with even sand.   Arvid has
been scrubbing my shower for me.  I guess I must have done something really good.
It took him all of a half hour to scrub and leave the tiles spotless.
Says I do not do as good a job.  I was happy and stayed quiet.

Summertime is here.  Rima is ready for the beach.

My niece Danielle has a job with a publishing company.
She wants to be a writer and as far as she is concerned, this is the start.
Lilly Vade is having a blast with her hammock and her doggie Marley.
 Summertime.  Because it’s summer and the memories are just waiting to happen.

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge...