Jul 1, 2014


What's gone may never come back, 
but it does exist when you think about it.
Well, any good comeback needs some true believers...

Unfortunately, I have lost all my taste buds.  I am hoping this is a passing thing.  After
my radiation therapy, I noticed that I was unable to really taste or distinguish flavors in my foods.
At first I did not think much of it.  I just thought that since I was on this low iodine diet that my 
system was a bit out of sync.  Well it's been over 3 weeks and I doubt my system is out of sync.

You never realize how important it is to be able to savor all the different foods and enjoy 
the different spices that makes the foods so tasty until you no longer can.

It started with the peanut butter.  I thought I had bought the unsalted one, but it was the
right one.  I just could not taste it.  Everything tastes like cardboard.  For those who know
 me, you know that I love my food.  I love spices and all kinds of flavors blended into one.  
Well now I can't enjoy any of that.  Hopefully that too will pass as will a few other issues
 I am having due to the radiation treatment.  At least that's what the doctor says.

My sister said I should go ahead and eat plain Greek yogurt; she said since it already 
tastes bad I would not notice the difference, but at least I would be having something 
healthy.  If that makes any sense to you...   Yesterday I made crab legs.

 One of my very favorites.  Unfortunately the entire meal was tasteless.
I run the risk of over salting because I can't taste anything. That's bad as well.
 Have to also be careful when making food for Arvid because I don't want to over
salt his meals either.  For me this is pretty horrible.  I love food and not being 
able to taste it is pretty depressing.  Hopefully this is only a passing thing.

Like i said, will keep in mind the doctor's answer to everything,
"this too shall pass."  Well he is the doctor after all.  I must believe at some point.

So far the day has been good.  Had breakfast out with Doreen and
later on today will see the soccer match between USA and Belgium at the Pub!
Perfect day even though it is muggy, cloudy and about to rain any moment.

As I like to remind myself, have patience,
everything is difficult before it is easy.

Enjoy the little things in life for one day
you will look back and realize they were the big things...