Jul 14, 2014

New Week...

There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.
Don't forget to always count your blessings....

It is a beautiful start of the week in my neighborhood.  Always good and just about
the best way to start a new week.  Quite a few things to do and it being Monday,
one never knows what will happen.  That's sometimes the beauty of our lives.
The unexpected always happens and best of all, both Arvid and I enjoy it.

Even though Brutus is awake, he somehow knows that today he has to take pills.
There is no way to trick him to come out of the bedroom.  He will stay there for
as long as Arvid is there and some just making sure the coast is clear.

For instance, yesterday was a no pill day.  Well Brutus was out with me
all the time.  I know he knows that the pill is every other day.  Too smart kitty.

Yesterday we tried to see the final game in the World Cup, FIFA, but every single sports
bar, every spot with a TV was packed to the max.  We tried BoKampers, Bierhaus and 
some others, but had to turn back and watch the game at home.  My team Argentina lost.

After the game we ended up going to one of our favorite restaurants we have not been 
to in quite a long time.  J Alexanders.  The food was good, 
and the dessert I brought home even better.

Still early for Arvid and Brutus to come out, and for two different reasons.
For now I am still enjoying my cafe and will catch up on a few chapters
 of my book until they appear and the day starts to get hectic.

Here is to another good week everyone!
Remember to get what you want and then enjoy it.
Happy Monday to all of you!

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do...