Jul 5, 2015

Almost Gone..

And then I realized, adventures are the best way to learn.
We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us...

Our last Sunday outing here at home before we leave for Norway.  The next few weekend 
instead of Arvid having to talk to his family over the phone, he will instead be able
 to do so in person.  No skyping with out two granddaughters either.  Nope! 
 Instead we will be holding them, playing with them and loving
 them as much as we can..IN THE FLESH!!!

Of course the other side to that is saying goodbye to Brutus and knowing we won't be seeing 
him for a very long time.  Yes there is always 2 sides in every situation, but nothing can 
stop the want to hold those two little girls and never let go if only for a little time.

Not fully packed as of yet, but getting there.  Because of Brutus we try to not take out
our suitcases until the very last moment.  He acts up and starts getting really "depressed."
He has known now for the last week or so that something is going on.  There are many 
little bags all over the place with little things that I need and not want to forget.

Lots of last minute things I need to do today.  Wishing you all a very good Sunday
and hope that your July 4th weekend so far is a good one spent with loved ones.

It's Sunday.  Therefore, I am 100%  motivated to do nothing today.
I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health...