Jul 25, 2015


Time stops for no one, make every moment count, be happy 
and don't waste a day being sad because tomorrow is NOT promised...

Not sure why or what happened yesterday, but by 6pm Norway time I was ready 
to go home.  Was ready to call the airlines change my flight and 
go home back to Brutus, back to the good old USA.

Not like anything happened to warrant his, but suddenly I felt homesick.  We have been 
here 18 days already.  Both Arvid and I are restless now.  I know we will do the 
same every year and around this time we will be ready to go home, but won't.

Yesterday was actually a very good day.  We spent time at the each with Michelle and family.
We payed with our 2 grand daughters and Arvid had some time in the evening to bond
 with Emil, Michelle's boyfriend.  They had a great time. So that was nice.

While Arvid was visiting his mother, I had time to go to the mall.  Always good.  Did 
a little shopping, had a little cafe.  Was very happy to have this alone time. We have 
been rushing from one place to another since we arrived.  We are a little tired. 

Today we will have a day out with Arvid's brother and Siv.  We go to Oslo for the day.
Oslo is a beautiful city so I am looking forward very much t it.  Of course there
is music involved.  Arvid googled the place a month ago.  Before we came.

I love walking the streets of Karl Johans.  This is the main street of Oslo.

Unlike Arvid's hometown of Horten, Oslo is bursting with life and vivaciousness.
Let's just say that is is a very nice way to spend a Saturday.  Music, good good, good 
company and a few drinks for the gang.  Being the designated driver, I drink only coke.
Win-win for all of us.  I get to go to Oslo for the day and we all ave a good time.

Good morning everyone.  We have 9 more nights to go.  Time to make
these days count because before you know it the time comes to an end.  Still
 lots more good times in store for s with the girls and the grand daughters.

Life is filled with the unknown and uncertainties, each day is a mystery, not knowing what the 
next day may bring, so we have to hold ourselves accountable for the choices we make.  We need 
to make every moment in our life count, every second,minute, and hours. Life is precious 
and the people in your life that love you should be cherished and not taken for
 granted. Spread the love, free your mind of negativity, and insert positivity.