Jun 24, 2016

Market Day...Thursdays

My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it's surprising how often they head
 in your direction. You're the first and last thought of my everyday...

Every Thursday after breakfast we go the Farmers Market.  Another of the many things we love
 and look forward to.  Not only do we get our fresh produce, goodies, Arvid's bread and some,
 but we also get to check out another part of the city and we get our exercise for that day.

When we left home the fog was still all over the city.  Made for a much cooler outing
(temperature wise)  Even so Arvid never takes chances and always wears a long sleeved top.
For me just the walk is more than enough to keep me warm, plus I don't get as cold as Arvid.
Arvid tells everyone he is a Viking, but at 78 degrees F (almost 26C) he is cold and in long pants.

After the market Arvid decided he needed to go to the barber.  he has a barber 
we go to when in Chicago, but when we got there he had moved. 
 We found another one and decided to give it a try. 

 The barber in this case was a Korean woman.  Funny as can be.  While Arvid was having 
his haircut I decided to explore the surroundings.  Here in Chicago many buildings are
 connected underground.  I actually almost got lost.  When I went back to Arvid he and the
 barber lady were having "words"  She was trying to get him to let her do a few another things
 to his hair but he kept saying no.  When she saw me she said, "all he says is NO NO!!"

After the cut of course comes time to pay the bill.  Back home in Florida, Arvid
pays the barber $16.00 and he can have wine or beer as he waits.  Those who know Arvid,
 know that he never has any.  He does not like to eat nor drink at anyone's home least of all 
in the middle of the day at the barbershop.  So when the lady here in Chicago told him it
 was $30.00 for the cut he was stunned.  All he said was, "I should have had it cut in Florida." 
 Of course the lady and I were laughing through it all.  Arvid did not see the humor.

All is good with us.  I have moments where I just sit back and remember how it was 
with Brutus, and then I am sad.  I look at Sniff and every time I am sad he somehow
 knows it and comes running to me.  Yes he comes running and the 
other day he ran to me and jumped up straight onto my lap.

Anna tells me that one day it will be good again.  Anna also lost her Buddy.  She never forgets,
 but she also has 3 other kitties that she adores and that fill her days with joy and laughter. 
 Sniff keeps us laughing.  I love Sniff as does Arvid.  It's just that I still miss my Brutus.

Hello everyone.  It is Friday and if you live in Chicago then you will know that there is never
 a loss for things to do.  The city is always buzzing with activity.  No wonder we love it!!!

Happy Friday everyone.  May your day begin with a smile on your face, love in
 your heart and happiness in your soul.  Make today so awesome, yesterday gets jealous..