Jun 5, 2016

Sniff Sniff

Yesterday ended last night.  A friendly reminder that today is another day...

Sniff Sniff is still  not up to speed.  Too many different sounds for him to register, 
and from the way he is acting, I will say a little too overwhelming for the little one.

We got here Thursday night.  He did not eat nor drink that night, but that was to be expected. 
 But it's non Sunday and he still is not eating nor drinking unless I syringe feed him.  

Brutus is who comes to mind.  Brutus over whom I agonized for every and all things.  Now
 I am doing the same with Sniff.  I am worried because it's just so out of character for him.
 Yes, I know for at least a day he would have been "acting" up due to a change 
in his surroundings, but now it's going on 3 days.  My stress level is up.  

I have already called his vet and have spoken to a few people who deal with animals,
 and of course I have done my research online.  Though everything points to stress, and
anxiety on his part, I just can't stop worrying.  He is after all our little Sniff Sniff.

At 3:30 Saturday morning we heard water running.  Both Arvid and I were in deep sleep,
 but of course we jumped right out of bed to see what was going on.  Sniffer was in
the bathtub and had opened the shower door and had turned the water on.

Yesterday we met with a 17 year old girl in the building. She is a potential candidate
for pet sitter for Sniff.  We have another lady in the building we will be meeting in the coming
week.  Just like for Brutus and for Shadow, Sniff deserves the someone who will take
good care of him and make sure he is safe and protected when we are not around.

I don't say it too much to Arvid right now, but how I miss my Brutus.  How I wish he was
here and that I could hold him and never let him go.  How I miss him.  For me Chicago has
lost some of its appeal.  Yes, I am making more memories with Sniff and one day who knows?

Sunday.  Not sure what or where we will go today.  For now it is good to just sit, and
enjoy the view, a good cup of cafe and play a little with Sniff.  Always something to be
grateful for and always a reason to give thanks.  We may not have all we want, but there are
others who have so much less and always find the time to be thankful and grateful.

June 5th  just a normal day.  For me it is 7 months since Brutus died.  3 months since
Shadow died.  Three months since we have had Sniff.  Circle of life.  You just have to move
 forward.  I try honestly i do.  Everyday I remind myself that we have a good life and
even with all the sadness in it, one has to keep up a positive attitude and always
 look forward.  I try.  Everyday I do.  For I know that no matter what I say or
do nothing will bring my Brutus back to me.  My Brutus is dead and gone.

I just wondered how you are and if you miss me at all..because I miss you a lot.
Each night I put my head to my pillow I try to tell myself I am strong,
 because I have gone one more day without you...