Jun 28, 2016

Walks...Summertime In Chicago

Every summer has its own story.  Life is beautiful...

On any given day during the summertime, you are bound to see boat after boat with tourists 
along the river doing the boat tour.  Yes many years ago Arvid and I also did the boat "thing" 
 We also did it another time when we had Danielle visiting us.  Both time it was fun.  As we
 were walking along the river Arvid said to me, "Is Melvin (Danielle) visiting this year?"

The picture below is from a few years back.  Brutus was still alive.  Danielle and 
family were visiting.  Not a care in the world.  And yes, we were also slimmer.

Walks are what we do all the time here.  Not having a car means you must walk.  Love it.
Sometimes if we have to go to far places which means an hour's walk or so we take the bus
 offered by our building. It's sort of like a Limo service for the people living in the building.

The bus ride is pretty interesting.  Mostly the elderly use it.  Before the ride is over I have 
heard quite a lot of personal stories being discussed.  I learn everyone's name without having
 to ask, and I get familiarized with other parts of the city.  Not bad at all.  The bus takes us  
halfway to our destination, and we walk the other half.  On our way back we usually take a taxi. 

Getting a cab in the city is not always easy.  There are many, but they seem to always be 
occupied.  Yesterday as we tried to hail a cab, Arvid of course shouts, yells and does a lot 
of movement to get one.  If the cab does not stop he wants me to also shout and yell.  I stand 
there and just raise my hands, but with Arvid if you are not doing a lot of movement
 means you're not trying hard enough.  The fact that he almost got run over twice 
did not seem to faze him. I was taking pictures he was getting mad.  Oh well!! 

We went to Pet Smart.  Again.  Sniff eats like crazy.  We are stocking up on soft foodies for 
when we leave for Norway, but the store does not carry enough of the flavor he likes so we 
order it online, and then pick it up the following day.  I still need to order some more for him.

As usual the days are scheduled in between of Arvid's soccer games.  Now with the Euro
 games going on our window of "opportunity" is not that large.  Well his isn't.  Me I do whatever
 I like.  I do not like sitting at home.  I like being on the go as does he, but soccer comes
 first these days so we compromise.  I do stuff and he later joins me.  Works great.

We have been having warmer than usual temperatures, no humidity so for us it's perfect.
 The next few days will be a tad cooler.  I LOVE LOVE it.  To all a great day 

Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most
 beautiful words in the English language  Summer is always good for lazy days...