Apr 27, 2018

Never Tell Her She Can't ~

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; 
it takes sweat, determination and hard work...

My sisters passion in life is baking. Well her first passion is making 
people happy and she does it through her baking.  She started
 with her famous Tres Leches cake way back when they lived in 
San Antonio, Texas, where I have to say she did quite well.  

Times changed and they made a move to Virginia.  Once again,
 she built up her “career”/hobby/passion.  Little by little 
she was known in the entire town where they lived. 

She catered to some bakery stores and by pure word 
of mouth she acquired more business than one person alone 
can handle.  Handled it she did.  Was and still is hard 
work, but she makes it fun every step of the way. 

 Her creative mind never stops.  She's always devising new ways
 to tempt her customers and boy has she succeeded.  Soon it
 came time to leave Virginia and her flourishing business.  

California bound the family headed.  She never thought she was 
not going to continue pursuing her passion, she just did not think it 
would happen so fast.  You see her passion shined through her, and
 everyone around her noticed it and became caught up in her enthusiasm,

 Word of mouth is powerful and from one little Tres Leches
  Narima already has a booming business in California. In the short 

time they have been there she is already catering for weddings.
 Graduations.  Bridal showers.  Baby showers you name it, it’s 
on her list, and she is super excited and grateful for 
the opportunity to “work” doing what she loves.

She’s my sister and lord knows when it comes to any of them 
I am biased, but also one has to give credit when and where credit 
is due.  She has exceeded all expectations in a short time, and of
 course she has new goals set upon by herself.  She will ace it. 
 She makes it look effortless!  I love that girl!

Everyday is a new challenge she gives to herself.  She is AMAZING 
in everything she does.  She is after all my sister.  And we are 
5 sisters, and each are amazing in their own way.

Failure will never overtake me if my 
determination to succeed is strong enough...