Apr 10, 2018

Tuesday In Mexico ~

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on  my list...

The days here are all the same.  Warm, beautiful, sunny and clear blue skies.
We wake up to the boats being loaded with tourist.  Heading out to explore
 some vacation destination.  I look at them and all is see is people getting 
burnt to a crisp.  Not for us.  We have done a few of these, but on our own.  

Right now I much rather sit in the shade with a fruity drink and do 
some people watching.  As is, I am already pretty burnt.  I can 
feel heat emanating from my body.  Enough sun for me.  

Our trip to Playa del Carmen was a HOT one.  Both Arvid and I are
very burnt.  I have to say it again, I do not like the hot weather.
 This has been too hot for me.  I am ready to go back
to the cooler temperatures in Branson.

So far we have had some very good days.  Days of doing absolutely nothing
work related, as you can imagine I am ready to go bananas.  I need to get home.
I need to go to work and I want to see Sniff.  I have had enough vacation.

Just a few more day left.  Definitely will enjoy them,
and get even more tanned.  I just don't know how anyone can "vacation"
 this long.  Don't get me wrong, I love travelling, I love vacations,
 but both Arvid and I have agreed that we like 5 to 7 days max.
Gives us time to enjoy ourselves and not get restless.

Hello everyone.  I will remind you of what I tell myself
 everyday, "stop over analyzing.  Life is simple."

Life is really simple,
 but we insist on making it complicated...