Apr 1, 2018

On Our Way ~

Relaxation is releasing all concern and tension
and letting the natural order of life flow through one's being...

And suddenly it's time to go back to Mexico.  I have never seen anyone 
as excited in a long time as Arvid is right now.  He has been talking
 about Mexico for months now, and ever since we got the time 
to do so again he has been as happy as can be.  

His months/years of waiting are finally done.  We are on our 
way to his favorite of all places.  Of all people I am very 
surprised that Arvid is so "in love" with Mexico.

As soon as we get to our condo the first thing I look forward to seeing
 are the Dolphins.  We are surrounded by them and I can't wait to see them. 
I do believe they are smiling at us and are happy to make us happy.   
We learnt that there is one dolphin here that is 40 years old.  
Hopefully she is still around and smiling at us.

Arvid can't wait to get to the balcony and just do nothing. 
People watching becomes one of his favorite things in Mexico. 

The next time you "hear" from us we will be in Mexico. 
 Relaxing, having some adult drinks with those little umbrellas for
 me and for him his Modelo Especial.  Yes, we have waited a long time
 for this, and now it's here.  To all a good day and may you all live in interesting times.

It's not how much we have, but how much
we enjoy that makes happiness...