Apr 6, 2018

Life in Mexico ~ Weekend Everyday

A banana is 105 calories.  A shot of whiskey
 is 80 calories.  Choose wisely...

Afternoon/evening walk on the beach while Arvid 
enjoyed soccer and a few cold ones at The Pub.

I also had a sampling of some adult drinks during the day.  Relaxing 
indeed and definitely loved the color of them.  May have been why
 I ordered them.  Saw someone with it and thought it was pretty.

I wonder if there is a Margarita somewhere out there thinking of me too.
We have many days and I am sure we will find "her" and a few others.

I have tried a few different Margaritas this time.  I still prefer the
original one with lots of salt.  Life here runs at a slower pace.  I am still
not that adapted as yet, but why fight something I can't control?

Here it's weekend everyday.  Everyone is burnt to a crisp.  I am not
crazy about the sun nor the heat, but it does not seem to bother anyone.
  Arvid included.  The truth is Branson and the weather there has grown
 on me, and yes I am missing the cold weather.  How crazy is that???

The temperature is consistent throughout the year.  Never really gets that
 cold.  So far everyday we have had temperatures in the mid 80's.  Beautiful to
sit out watch the boats pass by and take long walks in the mornings and evenings.
  In the middle of the day it's best to be indoors.  Away from the heat.

I love watching the dolphins, seals, manatees and all the that goes on
 around here.  Here in Puerto Aventuras, every turn you make there
 are Dolphins, and I never get tired of them.  Somehow the know
they are the center of everyone's attention.  And they love it.

When we are not out running around I relax with some of my magazines.
For Arvid it is enough to see the boats and observe people carrying on.

To all a very good day.  I am missing my little Sniff and am counting
the days until we are back home.  It's so crazy, but I don't think
 I know how to "vacation" anymore.  No matter where we go
 I am ready to go back home in a few days!

Taking shots of Tequila is just another way of saying.
"I like where I wake up to always be a surprise"  Hello Friday!

You can always make money.  You can't always make memories.
Take vacations go as many places as you can.  Live life everyday...