Nov 17, 2018

Amazing Beauty In Vermont ~

Learn to appreciate the things you have
 in the life you're living. It is your present...

Probably one of the coldest places in the winter time, 
but definitely it has an extraordinary beauty.  I love coming
 to Vermont because I get to see Mala and family.  

As far as it being on the colder side I could care less.  
Since living in Branson, I got to really enjoy and 
like the cold weather.  This is a treat for me
 in more ways than one would know.

My sister Nina who moved to Florida last year is missing
the change of seasons very much.  So much so that she
 and David decided to take a week in New York just so that 
she can enjoy the scenery.  Granted they will be staying in
 Manhattan, but she also want to experience the cold.

Rio loves taking walks and eating wood.  Fortunately
 he seems to be outgrowing the wood eating days.  It's been 
twice that he was rushed into emergency surgery for swallowing
 wood.  He sure put his family and all of us through a
 lot of stress.  But look at cute is he?

In Vermont there is beauty all around you.  Mala lives 
in this amazing area.  The colors you see are just stunning. 
 For the next few days I will be enjoying my family,
 and some amazingly beautiful sceneries.

Whenever you are creating beauty around you,
 you restore your own soul.  The best way
 to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it...