Nov 4, 2018

Sunday ~

Start each day with a grateful heart...

And suddenly we are doing the things we used to do, 
and it sure feels good.  Some days everything just seem 
to fall into place and Thursday was one of those.  

We worked and then decided it was time to go out
 and have something to nibble on and enjoy the views.
  Of course whenever there are fruity drinks, I am always 
happy.  Otherwise I am also happy with just a Pepsi.

Not sure what Arvid was looking for in my purse, 
but whatever it was he found it.  Arvid is happiest just sitting 
watching the boats and enjoying quiet time.  I like to move 
around a little more. I get restless just sitting for too long.

The last two days I was at my sister's home in Tampa.
Mom and dad were also there and my nephew Max, (Dr. Dyal).
  Nina had company so we had a little "party"

This past week had been a tragic one for our families
 and for my friend Anna. Nina and David's brother-in-law died
of a sudden massive heart attack on Wednesday. 

On Friday I get a text from Arvid's sister-in-law in Norway.
Back in Norway, Arvid's aunt had also died.

Yesterday at 3:33pm in California Taino, Anna's baby of 18
years of age died.  It's been a tragic week and now there
are families all over mourning the loss of a loved one.
  Life as we know it is very unpredictable.

Taino died in his mama's arms.  He nuzzled the curve or her
neck and as the medication entered into his body he expelled
his last breath.  Like Brutus he died knowing he was loved.

For my friend Anna, my heart goes out to her.
This is the second fur baby she is losing.  Her Taino
was always by her side and refused to give up until
the very end when his little body could not take it anymore.
Taino is now playing with his brother Buddy and
 hopefully with our Brutus and Shadow.

If I could send a message over the Rainbow Bridge, I will
 ask Taino to tell my Brutus I love him and miss him so much.
To tell him mama will never stop loving him nor his dada.
Tell him we are OK, we miss him, we have Sniff now who is such
 a good boy, but forever he, Brutus will be my baby.  Tell Shadow
 how very sorry we are that his life was cut short so fast.

Here at home life is good.  We are having gorgeous weather,
beautiful days.  I have had a great time with my family
and for that I am grateful.  Because I have experienced
 the loss of a husband and of 2 fur babies, I feel
 very much right now for Anna and for Mario.

To both Anna and Sar, there is no easy way out of this.
 Time and time alone is your best friend.  The loss will not
 become any less, but the pain and that gut wrenching grief
 becomes more bearable.  I know.  For I have lived it.  I
 still continue to have flashbacks of intense grief, but it's
 life and it is what it is.  Yo carry on.  No other option.

We only see what a person wants us to see.
 The rest we carry tucked deeply in our heart and soul.

The shoe that fits one person pinches another.
There is no recipe for living that suits all cases.

I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places 
that this heart of mine embraces all day through...