Nov 2, 2018

Happy Friday ~

I am loving our life here in Fort Lauderdale, at the same 
time I do miss Branson and the friends left behind.  Looking 
forward to summer of next year, and to seeing them all.

Here in Florida all is going good.  I thought we would be 
slowing down a bit, but life is a hectic as always.  Arvid is constantly 
on the run.  I have been trying to not get caught up in his "business"  
Not always possible.  At the same time he is something else.  
My parents and sisters love him and he makes them laugh.

Not sure what the day holds, but it is definitely a beautiful one.

It will soon be three years without our Brutus.  How did it 
get to be 3 years already?  I miss him so much, but little Sniff is
 all love and he has earned a special place is our hearts also.

Wishing everyone a beautiful start of the weekend. Always
 remember that a good life is a collection of happy moments.

One of the simplest ways to stay happy is 
letting go of the things that makes you sad...