Nov 14, 2018

Hello Beautiful Wednesday ~

Grateful today for all the things I often take for granted. 
 When I started counting my blessings, 
my whole life turned around...

As usual Sniff and woke up very early. He had his 
brushing, but did not want any foodies as yet.  He 
prefers to eat when his dada has breakfast, most times.  
Sniff also like to help his dada with his work.

Some mornings he does let me know he’s hungry,
 and of course he gets foodies, but no matter what, when 
Arvid has breakfast Sniff wants more foodies.  Same goes
with lunch.  When Arvid eats Sniff has to eat.  Cute when you
 see it happening.   Sniff let’s us know he wants his foodies.

Very quiet morning.  The Intracoastal is quiet.  Still. 
 No wind.  Pretty to look at while I had my cafe.  

I usually go to the Swap Shop once a week and buy 
my fruit.  Most weeks on a Wednesday.  Hope to do the 
same today.  Missed my coconuts very much when we 
were in Branson so now I make sure I have it every week, 
and I always get extras to last me a few additional days.

It’s good to be back home.  Back in Branson it is super cold.
  The tenants text me and tell me.  They also send me 
pictures.   That always makes me smile and for a little
 while I’m back in Branson and at Almost Home.  

Yes, a very special time of my life. 
 Even though it was hard work.  I loved it, 
and I love hearing from them.

Mom and dad are on their way to New York once again.
  Nina and David are already there.  It was to be a 
getaway for them, but in between there was a death 
in the family, so it’s not the happiest of times.  

Nina and David do get to enjoy a few days in the

 city before the funeral on Saturday.  Nina really 
misses Pennsylvania and the colder weather.

Rima in California is just a few hours away from 
all those fires.  Very distressing for us.  Also my friend 
Anna is not far from it.  Anna is having a very rough time 
right now.  It’s been a little over a week her Taino died.

My sister Nirvana and Kimsy are soon off to Paris and Madrid
 for a few weeks.  J and Alexandra are soon back to Cancun
 for another wedding.  He just got back from Puerto Rico. 
 I’m going dizzy trying to track my own family.

Arvid and I are doing good we are happy to not be in 
the freezing cold.  It’s beautiful here.  The sun shines
 everyday.  We see boats, palm trees and the water. 

 Arvid is always in shorts which is what he loves. 
 Life is good.  Wishing everyone a beautiful day and 
just remember no matter where we are what we do there 
is always something to be thankful and grateful for.

The good life is a process, not a state of being.  
It is a direction not a destination.  The more you are 
positive and say, “I want to have a good life,” 
the more you build that reality for yourself
 by creating the life that you want....