Jan 7, 2020

Because We Love ~

Love is a four legged word.
Cats have a way of finding people 
that need them.  Filling an emptiness
we don't even know we have...

Update on the little Norwegian kitties.  They
 are back home and doing well.  Loffen the eldest 
will be on painkillers for a week.  Poor baby.

The little one called Lillepus was really tired
 but doing good.  Their mama and papa are of 
course very happy to have them home.  Extra TLC
 is what they are having.  As if they don't get a lot,
 but we all know how we pamper our fur babies.

I'm pretty sure they will be having some extra treats
 and hugs.  By today they should be up and about
 again.  Ready to run around their mansion.  

Weather in Fort Lauderdale is getting warm again.
Yesterday had a little mall time with my mom.
I am enjoying every minute I get to spend 
with them.  Dad did not want to do much 
malling so it was just a girl's outing.

Arvid spent most of yesterday morning studying everything 
about Puerto Rico.  He knows the roads and he seems to
 know how to get around everywhere.  I who lived in PR 
appear to know less about the island than he does.  Like 
I said as long as he's into PR, I am just going along.

Puerto Rico has been having way too many earthquakes.
  Arvid and I will soon be there and right now I
am a little apprehensive.  My sister and niece
 are in Puerto Rico right now.  Same sister
 who was there during Hurricane Maria.

My mom and I were out yesterday.  We did a little
 shopping and afterwards we came back to our place to
enjoy the sunset and a latte.  Always something to enjoy.

Good morning everyone. Let us all be
grateful for the life that we have as we live it.

 When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully.
 When there is darkness, dare to be the first
 to shine a light. When the day has ended, 
dare to feel as you’ve done your best...