Jan 2, 2020

January 2nd 2020 ~

You don't always need a plan. 
 Sometimes you just need to breathe, 
trust, let go and see what happens...

It's so very nice to have my parent so close by.  
In about 7 minutes we are by their place.  Today Arvid 
and I took them to the swap Shop.  Like me they 
love the tropical fruit and all the vegetables we
can't find at the regular grocery stores.

We all love coconuts and whenever any of my family 
visit us in Fort Lauderdale the Swap Shop is a must.
  A few of my sisters will be coming to visit soon and 
one of their wishes is "let's go get some coconuts."

Soccer is still going strong and you know who is glued
 to the TV set. Today Sniff not watching with Arvid.

Day 2 of 2020.  Happy Happy.  So far it has been good,
 and with the right attitude it will keep getting better. 
All Arvid can think of is Puerto Rico.  He's got 
it in his brain.  All day long.  Love it.

Happy day to all and let's make this a great year 
for all of us. Chase the vision, not the money,
 the money will end up following you.

Cheers to a new year and another 
chance for us to get it right...