Jan 25, 2020

It's A Saturday Thing ~

Happiness, not in another place but this place,
not for another hour, but this hour...

We are already starting to get prepared for the grand kids. 
 The car seats have been ordered and delivered, and 
yesterday Arvid assembled it.  Vanessa and Aleah 
will be safe and happy.  Good times ahead.

Sniff did not pay too much attention as Arvid 
"worked" on the car seat.  He was too tired
 and just slept through the entire "job."

Sniff was not happy initially that Arvid put the car 

seat on his spot, but no worries I cleared them away 
and he had his bench all back to himself.  Nothing and 
no one will disturb Sniff nor interfere in his needs.

Mom and dad are having a great time in Florida, 
even so I think they are ready to go back to their home. 
 In my family everyone loves to travel and visit, but 
what they look forward to the most is going back
home.  Just like Arvid and I.  Nowhere like home.

My parents are staying a big 2 bedroom one bath
 home totally renovated.  Everything they like is within
 minutes of them.  The drive to them is just 5-7 minutes.
  I love that. Even so they now want to go home.

Yesterday Arvid and my dad went out for drinks with 
some of Arvid's "buddies"  My mom and I just toured the 
surrounding areas.  Did some window shopping and 
of course had time to sit, chat and enjoy a cafe.

Today will be another very good day.  We pick
 my parents up, we go to Miami to visit J, and afterwards
 mom and dad will be taking us out for dinner again.  
What can I say?  They are just too generous.

Wishing everyone a day to make more memories. 
 Here it is warm, sunny and all is good.  Happy
 Saturday to all.  Life has it's moments and right
 now we are having good ones.  Again.

happy moment can last a lifetime if you 
remember to smile when you think of it. A good 
life is a collection of happy moments...