Jan 24, 2020

Happy Friday ~

Coffee in hand, sparkle in my eye,
 smile on my face yep, it’s Friday...

It's been getting warmer and warmer, but at the same 
time it has been raining constantly on and off.  Not everyone 
likes the rain, but the ducks living in the area sure are enjoying it.  
I don't mind rain, but since I have been running around 
with my family it is a little of a hindrance.

Sniff had visitors again yesterday. 
 He was happy because he had more toys.

Little by little everyone is leaving, and I am sad.
Mom and dad have been here since December, but
 soon they will leave as well.  I don't want to think
 about it.   It reminds me of last summer when Arvid
 said goodbye to his mom.  Very sad.  Life happens.

I'm already missing outings with everyone.  Life continues.

Sniff and I have been awake as usual very early.  
Sniff cried non-stop for his brushing, which he had, 
 Now he is quietly sleeping.  He's a happy boy.

It's Friday.  It's raining, but who knows what can happen.
If it's anything like yesterday, then I am going to be happy.

Good morning all.  Maybe I will go back to bed and try to get some 
sleep, if not I can always check out places to go to.   Keeps me busy.

VEGAS GOLD CLAIMS  Another Arvid and I thing.

Every Friday, I like to high five myself for 
getting through another week on little more than 
caffeine, will power, and inappropriate humor...