Jun 18, 2021

Friday June 18th ~ MacGyver Is Gone ~

I want to take all our best moments, put
 them in a jar, and take them out like cookies 
and savor each one of them forever....

Did my walk.  Met up with the little ones.  They are fed and
 happy for now.  Will be seeing them again this afternoon for their 
second feeding.  Time to stock up on more kitty foodies today.

Nothing planned as of right now for the weekend,
 but that can change within seconds.  The days are going
 by fast, but at the same time not fast enough 
to get me back home.  As yet. 

 Like I have said it will be bittersweet the day we go back home. 
 I am already stressing about what will become of the kitties. 
 Of my Marbles, MacGyver, ShyBoy, PooPoo, Mama, Baby, 
CryBaby, Milo, Spotify, WhitePaws, Rascal, Taina (she's 
Crybabys baby) and the others I have not named as of yet.

Life is good.  Things are mostly back to normal in 
Puerto Rico.  Even so, many of the tourist attractions are 
still closed, or requiring special passes to get to.

Yesterday I picked up MacGyver from the vet
 around 11:20 AM  Took him to the girl who watches
 them and around 11:45 I got a call.  MacGyver had
 escaped from his cage. I know he's not "my" cat.  
Tell that to my heart because right now it's hurting

The moments we have behind us, you won't be able to see again. 
We're only responsible for what we live in right now...