Jun 22, 2021

Tuesday June 22nd ~

 Time is like a river.  You cannot touch the same 
water twice, because the flow that has passed will
 never pass again.  Enjoy every moment in life...

Half of the year is soon over.  I sure do not 
know where and how time has gone by so fast. 
 On the other, hand just three months ago we were 
living in Fort Lauderdale.  Yet it seems so long ago.

  I miss home, and you would think I would want to go 
with Arvid, but truthfully I don't.  When I go back home 
I would hope we have a place to call home again.

In the meantime, I am enjoying days in Puerto Rico.  
The day we have to leave will be a very sad day
 for me.  Because of the little kitties I feed. 
 I feel responsible for them now.

There are two pregnant kitties right now.  I think
both are about to give birth anytime now.  I have

 not seen them in the last two days.  Unusual because
 they are always crying for food.  One I call Baby, 
and the other (Bully) I now call her Mama.

Quite a few of the kitties have "disappeared"  Mama
 has three babies.  WhitePaws, Rascal and Spotify. We have 
not seen WhitePaws in a week now.  He loved playing with 
his brother Rascal.  I keep hoping he will show up again.

It rains just about everyday in Puerto Rico.  At least 
since we have been back.  With the rain comes the mosquitoes.  
Yes, I get bitten every morning and every afternoon as I go walking
 and feeding the cats.  When Arvid and I walk by the beach we have
 not been "attacked" much by the mosquitoes.  I wonder why?

A good day to all.  Still trying my best to trap more 
kitties not so easy, but will keep trying.  Sniff for some 
reason is losing fur, and of course I am worried.  In the next
 couple of days should it not improve, it's time for the vet.

There is no "right time" there is just time, 
and what you choose to do with it...