Jun 5, 2021

Saturday June 5th ~

 Never let the things you want make 
you forget the things you have...

This was taken a few weeks ago.  Fluffy is gone.  I keep
 looking for her everyday, but so far nothing.  I am hoping 
that one day I will just see her again.  She is so tiny.  

Yesterday we had rain again, but right now the sun is
 shining and our day s already looking to be a beautiful 
one.  In the picture below you can see the barb wire.

Sniff is behind the cortinas sunning.  His morning 
routine when/if the sun comes out.  I love my Sniff
 he is my happy place.   Today and everyday.

That being said, Brutus took a piece of my heart, 
and everyday I still miss him so very much.  Happy Saturday
 all.  Life has it's ups and downs, but always something 
to look forward to and to be grateful for.  Everyday.

A relaxing evening at home is
 one of life's greatest pleasures...